Baby Yo’s Baby Shower


Baby Yo’s baby shower! What a beautiful day it was. It was hosted by one of my best friends Adrienne Campf at her adorable home in Venice, California. She was actually one of the first friends I made in Los Angeles. We worked on Dancing with the Stars together. I just love her so much and she has been such an amazing friend over the years. Here is Adrienne and I below.


Adrienne had the most amazing dessert table set up. It literally looked like a picture from a magazine. I like to say Adrienne is the next Martha Stewart!


What was served? Well let me just tell you…Key lime tart, salted caramel macaroons, vanilla cupcakes, caramel apple pie, raspberry chocolate mouse, and fresh fruit! I’ve been craving sweets my entire pregnancy so all these treats were exactly what I needed to cure those cravings. She also had the cutest coffee and lemonade set up! And to add that final touch my dear friend Alicia Blanco (@theletteringlatina) made the signs. Everything was just perfect!


I want to share the cutest keepsakes Adrienne had the guests do. She had each guest color in a wood block so baby Yo can play with them when he gets older. She also had everyone fill out a well wishes card for the baby and made a book out of them. Guests also signed the Dr. Suess book “Oh the places you’ll go”. I will cherish these items forever. Such a sweet touch to the shower!


I just have to give a shout out to my friend and fellow blogger Alyssa Campanella! She took all of these magazine worthy photos. Isn’t she an amazing photographer? Check out her blog The A List. She is incredable in the kitchen and has the cutest style and travels the world with her husband. Basically she lives the perfect life! Her work is one of the best! Alyssa and I are pictured below. Follow her blog here


I have the most amazing friends! They showered baby Yo and I with so much love! I truly feel so blessed to have such amazing friends that are always there for me! Aren’t they all just so pretty?


What is really special right now is that many of my girlfriends have babies or are expecting a little one! I have been given great mommy advice that is so priceless and I’m so grateful to share this season of life with some of the best mom’s I know!


This picture says it all. Baby Yo is going to have the best grandmothers. We are so excited to meet him!


Everything about the day was just perfect. From the key lime pie to the guests I couldn’t have imagined showering baby Yo any other way. Thank you to everyone who made it to the shower, who has gifted us with amazing gifts and has shown support in any way. Michael and I can’t wait for the lil guy to arrive and we are so thrilled everyone is sharing in on our excitement. God bless!


Yo Mama Claire

2 thoughts on “Baby Yo’s Baby Shower

  1. Great photos! But the last 1 brought a tear! Grandma’s to-be, with baby bump! What a beautiful shower! I love your blog Claire! And love you!


  2. Looks like you had a fabulous day !!!! I bet your mommas are sooooo excited to be grandmas ❤ we are anxiously waiting to see baby Yo !!!!


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